For a clearer future

Our SCREEN TIME ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES will help protect children’s eyes during virtual activities. We are committed to healthy living for kids and a clearer future for all

...for a clearer future

Our anti-blue light glasses will help protect children’s eyes during screen time. We are committed to healthy living for kids and a clearer future for all

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On a mission to hush the blue light for every kid

Basically, it’s the unforeseen long-lasting and hazardous results of screen times.

Children need protection. While we do our best to protect our kids from all dangers of the “real world”, we hardly know about the dangers of the digital world. And I am not talking about internet crime here.

Screen time is still and will always be on the rise and though we already spend a significant amount of time on our smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, this amount will most likely increase and have its effects poking in the future. Our children are exposed to digital devices from very young ages, so long-term effects will only show in years to come. You want to know what’s so dangerous. THE BLUE LIGHT!

More than just glasses

When you get a Hush Optics product, it is more than just frames and spectacles. Our products offer the following and more

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Cute, Colourful and Comfortable frames just for your Kiddo

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Find a Unique look with hundred of styles to love


Stand out or stay subtle with frames for any style for adults


Add some spice to our beautiful frames and lens is a property of Hush Opticals, a company duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria BN 3129645. serves to improve health, physical and mental well being of kids, tweens and teens by providing anti-bluelight lenses to help ensure a clearer future for wards. Both and Hush Opticals are legal entities in Nigeria. Our products are well tested and have been certified safe for use and as such partnering with this legal entity is safe and within good quality control

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