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At Hushoptics, our top priority is customer satisfaction! Read on for the answers to the most common questions we receive!

Don’t worry! Message us on Instagram @hushoptics or via 08140840850 and we’ll be happy to support you

Our glasses use two technologies in order to block the blue light, and the UV as well 🙂

  1. The material itself of the lenses absorbs the blue light
  2. The external surfaces have a coating that reflects the blue light, allowing our lenses to be clearer as if they were just blocking light through the raw material of the lenses

Our high quality non-toxic ultra-durable TR90 lenses block 40% of the blue light on the 430nm – 450nm spectrum and 100% of the blue light at 400nm. Keeping your eyes more relaxed and comfortable while using digital devices in any kind of situation. Think of them as protective eyewear for digital professionals!

Yes! And please, use them. They won’t only keep the eyes more relaxed, but will make you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. There are studies showing that blocking blue light from digital devices at night can help you increase 2 to 3 times more your melatonin levels.

Lagos, Nigeria.

We ship via GIG Logistics. Given that, we aim to deliver your item within 1-5 business days of fulfillment depending on your location. Items that are on backorder may be delayed up to 7 business days.

Not at the moment but working on it

Although we provide age recommendations on our pages for each particular pair. We also provide support on sizes by a customer service rep. You can either message us on instagram (@hushoptics) or chat with us via whatApp (“08128397500”).

Although we provide age recommendations on our pages for each particular pair. We also provide support on sizes by a customer service rep. You can either message us on instagram (@hushoptics) or chat with us via whatApp (“08128397500”).

We offer a simple 7 day Return Policy, if you wish to return an item, please bear in mind we only offer refunds on faulty items due to a manufacturing defect. For broken or damaged frames and lenses, which are not due to a manufacturing defect, we will deduct the full amount of the item price.

For damaged or missing items (such as boxes, bags, cloths, test card and flash light) 1000 naira each will be deducted from the refund.

We do not accept exchange!

Have you ever used a prism to reflect the light that is all around us into a rainbow? “Normal” light is actually made up of a spectrum of different colors, including blue light. Different wavelengths have different benefits and different risks. For example, the heat lamps used to keep food warm isolate the red, orange, and yellow rays. Conversely, most of today’s digital devices isolate the energy-efficient blue light rays to light their displays. From cell phones to tablets to laptop computers and even movie screens, we are exposed to blue light rays on a near-constant basis.  

When the human eye is exposed to the white light mixture, the different types of light tend to balance each other out and reduce the negative impacts on the body. Once we begin to isolate out different colors, we maximize the negative impact of those light waves. With blue light, those negative impacts can vary based on the period of direct contact. This means that the result can be a range of problems from visual fatigue after a short period of use to tension headaches and even decreased melatonin secretion resulting in the disruption of healthy sleep patterns.

In an article published by Web MD, director of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD stated, “The more research we do, the more evidence we have that excess artificial light at night can have a profound, deleterious effect on many aspects of human health. It is a growing public health concern.”

There are several devices available to filter the blue light and make the time your child spends on their devices safer. The problem with most of them is that you need to have a separate filter for each device that your child uses. The cost adds up and can quickly become cost prohibitive. This is where HUSHOPTICS glasses are an industry game changer.

With one reasonably-priced purchase per child, you can help limit the effects of blue light from all of their devices without having to force your child to put their devices down. As an added bonus, HUSHOPTICS glasses can even be used for reducing exposure during television and movie viewing.

No, HUSHOPTICS offers blue light blocking glasses only. Though, our frames can be used for prescription purposes

Yes, all of our kids’ series are unisex and work perfectly with a whole variety of face shapes

We recommend using the cleaning cloth provided (or similar) to remove lipids and moisture without smearing. If more intensive cleaning is required use lens cleaning spray without alcohol.

For the frames, we recommend using the cleaning cloth provided (or similar) as well. If more intensive cleaning is required use water and soap with the microfiber.

At the moment, it’s just Nigeria. We ship nationwide. We want HUSHOPTICS glasses to be available all around the nation.

This depends on your location. When making the order and filling up your address of delivery, shipping costs will be automatically added to your order. Remember that orders having four pairs of the HUSHOPTICS GLASSES get free shipping.

This means that you will have FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE when purchasing 4 pairs of Hushoptics glasses

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